super hottest bikini looks of Chloe Grace Moretz

She also happens to be fairly popular among the youth which comes across as no surprise given her beautiful looks and soulful performances. In the year 1997 on the 10 of February, Chloe Grace Moretz first saw the light of the world and that makes her 22 years old as of 2019.

She was born in Georgia in the United States of America and resides currently in Los Angeles like most other Hollywood celebrities. As a kid, she starred in a horror film titled Amityville Horror in the year 2005. The film was a successful venture and her acting talents too were duly noted.

She soon got to star in a very popular TV show called Desperate Housewives. As a mere 1-year-old, she starred in yet another paranormal movie The Eye and then had an important role in the film The Poker House. The film Kick-Ass saw her play Hit-Girl and this superhero film was quite a success.

Then came her role as a vampire in another of her horror ventures titled Let Me in. One of her most famous roles was in the film Hugo which was directed by the legendary director Martin Scorsese. Dark Shadows, 30 Rock and Kick-Ass 2 are some of her other major hits as is If I Stay and The Equalizer.

Greta and Susperia are some of her more recent works and with her entire career ahead of her, it is safe to say that she will achieve a lot more in times to come.

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