11 Photos That Prove Jennifer Aniston Stopped Aging Long Ago

Unlike her net worth, the aging process seems to be trending the opposite way. Aniston is set to turn 51 in just a couple of months, yet she still looks like Jen from the early 2000s. We’ll show proof in this article, taking a look at recent Jen pics, whether they’re pics posted to her new IG, at photoshoots, or red carpet events. Enjoy. Let’s get started!

She captioned this photo, “Jen in Black” via IG. We aren’t too surprised that the photo received over four million double-taps. Fans are nothing but ecstatic that Aniston finally decided to join the ‘Gram. The Friends star looks like she’s still in her 20s in the shot above. She was nothing but grateful for making the cover, tagging other celebs that were also featured in the issue.


She’s out in Malibu for this particular shoot looking absolutely flawless once again. If this pic doesn’t prove she doesn’t age, none will. She’s playing the role of a veteran anchor but she’s just blowing fans away with how young she looks on the TV drama. It’s as if she’s aging backward on the show.


Maintaining such a figure, surely Aniston does a lot of physical activity. She stated with Shape magazine that yoga and cardio tend to be her ideal forms of training. Aniston also loves interval training at a very high intensity. It is impossible to find any type of flaw with the pic above, Aniston remains perfect from head-to-toe.

She maintains the lean look after all these years – not to mention everything else staying on point at the age of 50. No wonder Brad is still flirting with her…

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