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Hottest Pictures Of Natalya Neidhart. Natalya Nreidhatis is a Canadian-American professional wrestler. At this time, signing to WWE under the Natalya ring’s name, her wrestling career began to return in 2003 with labeled wrestling. In 2005, she won the Pacific Championship of Stampede and in 2006 Supergirls Championships.

After spending the early years in South Wrestling Deep Wrestling, Ohio Valley, and the Development Region of the Florida Championship (F.C.W.), in 2008, she debuted on the main list as Neidhart Natalya. In 2010, she won the Divas WWE championship and later in 2013, was shown as one of the main cast of the Total Divas Reality Television Show produced by WWE and E!

Her father is an American retired professional wrestler. She has two sisters, Jennifer and Christian. Jennifer is an elder to Natalya and is a gourmet chef and catering. Her Leaker’s grandfather and legendary wrestler Stu Hart became her inspiration at the beginning of her life.

She attended Junior High School and Carroll Vincent and Bishop Middle School and finished school in 2000. She was trained in mixed martial arts and amateur wrestling. In 2003, Natalya began working for the promotional stampede wrestling owned itself. She started a feud with Lovitz Belle, which lasted a long time.

Natalya also wrestled abroad in countries such as England, Canada, and Japan. In 2005 she won the Pacific Champion of the First Stampede woman. Next, she competed in a large Canadian wrestling tournament, where he finished second.

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