Rachel McAdams hot looks

After stealing America’s hearts as the lead in The Notebook, the Academy Award-nominated actress has proven she can kick an ass or two with her roles in Sherlock Holmes (as a brilliant femme fatale) and HBO’s True Detective (as a gritty, crime-busting investigator).

Her newest onscreen role comes in Marvel’s latest superhero flick, Doctor Strange, in which she plays a nurse—albeit one who can hold her own against mystical sorcerers and their evil henchmen.

Rachel McAdams : Rachel McAdams is a Canadian actress, and her full name is Rachel Anne McAdams. She started his career as a television artist with Beth Swanson’s role in television show Shotgun Love Dolls (2001).

McAdams started her film career as Sally Garfield’s role in comedy film My Name Is Tanino (2002). She is one of the very popular actresses in the Canadian film industry.

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