OnlyFans racing driver told she looks ‘yummy’ as b00bs almost spill out of tiny ʙικιɴι…

0nlyFans beauty Renee Gracie has been told she looks “yummy” after posing for an outrageous ʙικιɴι snap. The former V8 Supercars driver, who turned her back on racing to pursue a successful OnlyFans career, left fans feeling h0t and bothered with her stunning new Instagram post.

Yet Gracie’s adoring supporters will be left gutted at her recent revelation that she is in fact happily single. “Currently, I’m single – by choice. I think that’s a choice of mine,” Gracie told the Folksalert podcast last year. “I was in a relationship at the start of the year, but I decided to get out of it as it wasn’t for me. I’m young, I’m earning good money, I’m independent.

“I don’t want to be held back or held down or have anything or anyone inconveniences me. I just want to do what I can, while I can. I feel like I’m in the prime of my life, so why has anyone potentially ruin that or get in the way?” She is unlikely to be too fussed about having a male companion while raking in a whopping six figures a month on OnlyFans with total earnings well into the millions. And along with her foray into making adult content in 2019, Gracie has ambitions of expanding her sizeable property empire.

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