Megan Fox posts sexy selfie

The Transformers star has transformed herself since leaving the Hollywood franchise – from a sexy pin-up to a mum of three adorable children.

But she’s slipped back into her pin-up persona today. Oozing glam as she poses in front of a mirror, Megan showed off her fierce curves in a white lace bodysuit.

With delicate gold necklaces layered around her neck and falling over the dainty garment, the star looked incredible as she posed for a selfie.

Megan recently revealed she still gets offered the sexiest on-screen roles but said while she’ll buy into sex, it’s not a one way street.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: “I’m not ashamed of sexy poses or parts. It’s just a biological fact: sex does sell. But I wish it was more gender equal.”

Speaking in the December issue, Megan told Cosmopolitan: “I still get offered a lot of ‘genius strippers’ and ‘funny escorts’ by guys in the business. But I don’t want to be involved with something genuinely degrading.

“Or that [which] encourages negative sexual ideals about women.

“Old-school male attitudes towards women – it’s still in all the adverts.

“When my kids grow up, hopefully that attitude will be gone.”

Megan also opened up about how she’s planning on quitting acting for good.

“I’m not going to be an actress forever. I’ve always known I have another calling.”

During the emotional interview, Megan also talked about her relationship with her husband Brian Austin Green.

The pair were reported to have split last year but Megan later “called off their divorce” according to a number of US publications.

Megan explained: “If you want it to last, you just have to stick it out. I know my karma isn’t done. And so we’re in it until the universe releases us. We’re not completely in control of it. And he is a hunk.”

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