Hottest look of Angelina Jolie when she was young….

In never-before-seen pH๏τos, Jolie proves why she’s always been one of Hollywood’s H๏τtest stars even when she first entered the entertainment industry.

The picture was taken in 1995 by pH๏τographer Marcel Indil, at that time Angelina Jolie was only 19 years old. To ensure her role in the movie “Hackers” received attention, the actress did not hesitate to make this bold semi-ɴuᴅᴇ pH๏τo album. Co-starring Jolie in the above film was Jonny Lee Miller, who later became her first husband.

When she was young, Jolie was known as one of the most rebellious stars in the world’s movie capital, so it was not surprising that the young actress posed provocatively in a revealing black dress, showing off her topless chest, smoke and reveal the first tattoos.


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