Fast & Furious – Jordana brewster hot looks goes viral

She captioned the bikini pic, “in paradise enjoying some downtime.” Paradise, indeed. The photo shows calm, clear, jade-colored waters and bright blue skies. The actress, 33, in a mismatched navy string bikini and white and navy printed bottoms, is looking down as she walks toward the camera, her hair slicked back. It appears as if she’s just emerged from the water.

“Most people do well with a run-walk program. If you’re totally new to running, start with a routine of walking, gradually pick up the pace to brisk walking to increase your tolerance to the activity. Start by using minutes in length versus miles of walking or running,” says the Cleveland Clinic. “Start with one minute of running alternating with two minutes of walking for a total of 20 to 30 minutes.Then increase running by 30 seconds each week until you reach 10 minutes of running.”

“I also love lifting weights. I love squats. I’m a weirdo that actually enjoys working out. I really don’t like Pilates; I can’t do it well and therefore I don’t like it cause I don’t like anything I’m not really good at. And there’s just something about, I just don’t have the core strength. I don’t know, but it just really annoys me,” she told Health. Muscle burns calories at a resting state. How cool is it to think that you can turn your body into a calorie-burning furnace just by adding resistance training to your program?

Jordana Brewster is the elegant and beautiful American actress and model famed for her role in the very popular Fast and Furious movie franchise. Jordana has featured in the high adrenaline action movie series Fast and Furious as Mia Toretto, becoming her debut appearance in 2001. Following her mother’s legacy as a stunning swimsuit model, Jordana has an excellent physique to flaunt her hotness in Bikini. She is very serious about fitness. She has bound & gagged scenes in Tv series Lethal Weapon.

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