Esquire names Scarlett Johansson ‘sexiest’ again

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has praised ‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson for going makeup-free at Paris Fashion Week and praised her for sending a “powerful message” to women.


The 56-year-old model decided to go au naturel for her appearances at the glitzy event earlier this week and now Hollywood star Scarlett, 38, has praised the “powerful” move for other women to see, reports


She told Popsugar: “I think it is definitely different to see somebody that’s in the public eye, a woman in the public eye, go to a fashion show or big event with no makeup on. It’s just very different from what we’re used to. It’s a powerful message for women to see that, whether they follow suit or whatever the effect is, in the zeitgeist. It’s powerful for women to see other women rejecting standard beauty norms.”

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