Wwe star Alexa Bliss hottest looks

When talking about WWE wrestling divas, one of the first names that comes to mind is Alexa Bliss.

She is known for dominating the ring and having her own unique style whenever she enters. Born in August 1991, Alexa Bliss has been involved in sports since the age of five and was a multi-talented child, excelling in gymnastics, track, kickboxing, softball, and cheerleading.

In 2013, she was signed with the company as part of NXT and quickly became one of the most outstanding female wrestlers. She was fondly called the ‘Wicked Witch’ for her strong and outrageous games.

She is the first wrestler to hold Raw and SmackDown women’s championships and has won the Raw championship three times and the SmackDown championship twice.

Additionally, she was the first women’s wrestler to win an Elimination Chamber match. Apart from her game, her incredibly strong and striking looks in the ring are also unforgettable.

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