Scarlett Johnsson sexy look- see photos

Scarlett Johansson is an American-born actress best known for her work in The Avengers and Lost in Translation. Johansson’s first stage appearance was in Sophistry, an off-Broadway show with Ethan Hawke. She only had two lines, but she was just getting started. In 1994, she would have her big screen debut with the fantasy comedy film North alongside John Ritter.

In 1996, she acted alongside her twin, Hunter, in Manny & Lo. Johansson’s character, Amanda, was Johansson’s first leading role. The film’s $500,000 budget was small, but Johansson’s performance earned her an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Lead Female.

One of Johansson’s first major films was 1998’s The Horse Whisper alongside actor and director Robert Redford. It earned her an “introducing” credit on the film. And it would also score her a Chicago Film Critics Association Award nomination for her portrayal of Grace MacLean. The film made $186 million worldwide on a $60 million budget.

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