Pictures of Salma Hayek’s Frilly Top Being “Upstaged” by the Owl!

Salma Hayek jokes that her pet owl Kering has overshadowed her since she was included in People’s “Most Beautiful” edition today.

The 54-year-old actress, who is known for posting pictures of her strange pet on Instagram, updated her 17.7 million followers today with a message letting them know about her People article….

She also mentioned Kering, which is the name of the corporation owned by her wealthy husband François-Henri Pinault and which owns premium labels like Gucci and Bottega Veneta. Check out the video that Salma posted on Thursday below.

For the image and video, scroll. Salma was speaking about Kering in the video, who she had featured in a post about Christmas 2020. The “Frida” actress was pictured posing with Kering over her shoulder in the first image of the article, looking stunning and profile-shot.

With a floral print and ruffled shoulders, Hayek wore a vibrant and stylish shirt, which was better viewed as the Mexican appeared in video mode with a swipe-right.

Salma revealed that Kering was a Valentine’s Day gift for her spouse because “I love owls.”

The MCU actress revealed that her rescue owl prefers to sit on her shoulders and added that she named her pet Kering after her husband’s business. She appeared a touch peasant-like in her crisscross string shirt.

The “Bliss” star posted the following caption: “So excited to be part of @PEOPLE most gorgeous issue with my #owl Kering who utterly upstaged me.” The issue is available tomorrow, and she also gave a big shout-out to her makeup crew. After the video, swipe to view more pictures.

Salma shared information about her pets, including Kering, which she got in 2019. In an interview with TV host Stephen Colbert, the actress disclosed:

“I don’t know, I started dreaming about owls and became infatuated with them. They were everywhere, and I had no idea what they were. And I questioned, “Can people even have owls?” And it turns out that you can because it’s permitted in London.

Over 20,000 likes were given for Salma’s “hooter” today by major fans in just eight minutes..

Salma’s owl may reside in a world of luxury, but it turns out that the celebrity’s pet can hit the poop. Salma continued, referring to the day Kering ate a mouse off her head:

It’s disgusting, and it’s the first time she’s ever done that, he continued. She’s incredible because she’s a woman, after all. However, on sometimes they may bring you gifts that you are unsure of how to use.

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