Paula Patton hottest Pictures Will Make You Addicted To Her Beauty

Paula Patton married her lover Robin Thicken, who she met at a hip-hop club when she was 16 and he was 14. It is said that Thicke sang a song for her while asked her to dance. The affair started and lasted for 21 years, 9 years of being married.

They separated in 2014 and Patton officially filed for joint custody of their son and the divorce was finalized on March 20, 2015.

In 2017, Judge decline Patton’s request to limit Thicke’s custody. She alighted him to be a child abuser. Later, after a month, Patton was granted the sole custody of her son Julian, when she accused Thicke of domestic violence, drug and alcohol use, and infidelity.

In the documents, she submitted, she specified that if Thicke could her with fists and legs, what he can be culpable of doing to the third son. Patton did some of the best works in these movies. Her very first movie was the Hitch, as a role of Mandy.

She later did London, Idle wild, Déjà Vu. Mirrors, Swing Vote. Lately, she did Movie Traffic. She also produced this movie. She did most of the job to reach the targets.

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