Nicole Kidman super hot looks

In the year 1967 on the 20 of June, this talented actress was born in the United States of America in the beautiful region of Hawaii. She also has Australian citizenship. Before making her debut in Hollywood she was a part of some Australian movies and did films such as Bush Christmas and Dead Calm which struck a chord among her fans.

Once she stepped into the Hollywood world she did her first film alongside Tom Cruise and it was called Days of Thunder. She played some characters which were otherwise not very thought of and she successfully played her part in films like Eyes Wide Shut and Far and Away where she effortlessly pulled off the lead roles.

The film The Hours won her the Academy Awards from the best actress category. She did innumerable other films and some prominent ones among them are Cold Mountain, The Others, Destroyer, Boy Erased and many more. Of late she has been a part of the film Aquaman and despite being 52 years old she is still involved with many exciting projects.

She was first married to the Hollywood legend Tom Cruise and then went on to marry a singer Keith Urban in 2006.

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