Jockey says colleagues ‘asked for freebies’ after finding her foxy subscription account….

‘Foxy’ Libby Hopwood has lifted the lid on some of the rude requests she received from colleagues asking for “freebies” after her OnlyFans page first started to blow up.

The former horse racing jockey has become well-known in the adult subscription industry for her combination of raunchy content and insider tips. Hopwood, 36, has even gone so far as to suggest her OnlyFans account is the only one where ‘followers make more money than her’.

But her rise in popularity didn’t happen overnight, and Hopwood told the Daily Mail how someone close to her leaked the idenтιтy of her OnlyFans, which had previously been kept anonymous. It wasn’t until her alter-ego was leaked that ᴀssociates started coming out of the woodwork hoping for more than just a tip-off.

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