Playboy model promote her OnlyFans photos.

Ever since she came onto the scene in the 1990s, Carmen Electra has been known for not only being a sexy pop culture icon, but a confident superstar who can rock virtually any look. While we adore her ever-so-bold red-carpet fashion, we’re always blown away by the steamy, energized bikini snapshots she posts on her social media to promote her OnlyFans.

Carmen Electra is one of the famous American model, singer, and actress with numerous appearances in Playboy magazine. There is no doubt that Carmen Electra still fascinates men up to this day.

Millions of people around the world admire her not only because of her beautiful chest area and bikini images but also for her respective field of profession.

Did you know that the beautiful 47-year-old Carmen Electra is the original babe in a red swimsuit? Truth to be told, the actress still looks similar to her teenage years, thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

The actress recently revealed how she stays in such excellent shape. She keeps herself on a healthy diet, and when it comes to working out, she prefers dancing to be her primary source of exercise.

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