Emmy Rossum super hottest bikini photos

Her albums were praised such as Inside out released in 2007, Carol of bells in 2007 and sentimental journey in 2013 Emmanuelle Grey Rossum was born on the 12 of September in 1986 in New York, U.S.

 She has acted in several big screens such as The Phantom of the Opera, the Day after tomorrow, Nola, Mystic River, Happy now, Poseidon, Inside, Beautiful creatures.

She Rossum was also seen in television films such as Law and order, A will of their own, Only love, Snoops, Genius, The Practice, Shameless and The animal kingdom.

She is entitled by many awards such as Catalina Film Festival award in 2014, Northeast film festival award in 2014, Hamptons International Film Festival award in 2009, Savannah Film Festival award in 2009, Young artist award in 2005 and others. She won 8 awards and was nominated for 20.

She was married to Justin Seigel in 2008 but after 2 years their divorce was finalized in 2010. She then dated Sam Esmail and got married in 2017. She is suffering from celiac disease in which the body can’t tolerate any foods containing Gluten. She is 32 with a net worth of $12 million.

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