Demi Lovato’s hard-won journey back to their rock roots…

THE DEATH OF DEMI LOVATO’S pop career was announced on Jan. 20. The funeral was simple but memorable — in a Los Angeles studio, surrounded by members of Lovato’s label and management teams. With everyone dressed in black, Lovato sat with her middle fingers in the air. Albeit metaphorical, Lovato posted the image of the group to Instagram with the caption, and the internet fully freaked out.

OK, so it wasn’t really a funeral. “It’s symbolic,” they say of the event over Zoom from their cozy bedroom in Los Angeles. Lovato was playing snippets of her new music to their colleagues, and she decided that their coordinating emo looks deserved an Instagram moment.

Real or not, it didn’t matter: The moment went viral — in fact, the image received upward of nearly 600,000 likes to date. Yes, the Lovato who delivered the brassy pop anthem “Confident,” crooned through the soulful power ballad “Tell Me You Love Me” and belted the stomach-dropping “Dancing With The Devil” was no more. Enter Rockvato.

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