An actress that needs no introduction, Scarlett Johansson has been dazzling the world with her on-screen charm, incredible beauty, and dynamic acting performances. Raised in New York City, Scarlett would hone her acting skills on such early roles as the 2001 cult hit “Ghost World”, where she played the role of Rebecca with co lead

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Alum of the Disney Channel, Selena Gomez is always stunning, especially in a bikini. The alleged “triple threat” has demonstrated this over the years by sharing images from her beach vacations with friends in Hawaii, Mexico, and other locations. She’s even designed her own bikini line! Selena Gomez is defying the trend by refusing to

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Summer is in full swing and that means it’s bikini season! With the weather reaching scorching temperatures, a two-piece swimsuit is the way to go to cool off and show off! And celebrities are joining in the fun (in the sun) and turning up the heat by flaunting their fit figures in the barely-there apparel.

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She captioned the bikini pic, “in paradise enjoying some downtime.” Paradise, indeed. The photo shows calm, clear, jade-colored waters and bright blue skies. The actress, 33, in a mismatched navy string bikini and white and navy printed bottoms, is looking down as she walks toward the camera, her hair slicked back. It appears as if

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Spider-Man is a 2002 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero of the same title. Directed by Sam Raimi from a screenplay by David Koepp, it is the first installment in Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, and stars Tobey Maguire as the titular character, alongside Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Cliff Robertson, and Rosemary

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There are very few people who would confuse The Fast and the Furious franchise with Oscar-worthy cinema. In fact, some of the things that have occurred throughout the 10-film franchise are laughable. However, it always delivers exactly what it says it will – cars, explosions and plenty of beautiful women. If there is one thing

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