Bella Thorne Shares Her Secret to Powering Through Industry Pressures and Self-Doubt…

Bella Thorne is used to being under pressure. She booked her first acting gig when she was only 6 weeks old, and as a child, she felt responsible for supporting her single mom and three siblings. “I modeled every single day growing up — my whole life, like, three jobs a day, you name it,” she told ABC News in 2018.

Bella Thorne flaunts her toned body – Daily StarHer big break came when she landed a starring role on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” at the age of 12. Now, at 25, she still has people trying to pigeonhole her into the image she projected when she was young. “People look at me now and they’re still like, ‘Please be that girl. Please be the girl with the long, nice, red hair that’s blown out and the light lashes and the little bit of eyeliner and the little bit of a lip, but not too much ’cause you don’t want to be too much, you want to be just enough,’” she told ABC. In 2021, she told Harper’s Bazaar that “as a famous young woman, you’re either a whore, a drunk, crazy or bitchy.”

But Thorne has refused to align with that image — or anyone’s image of her — for years. She’s instead managed to blast through boxes through a combination of honesty and bravery, perpetually challenging Hollywood’s perception of what femininity should be like, and she’s designed her career on her terms.

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