Bebe Rexha’s Impromptu Music Video Is So Hot, You’ll Be Begging for More…

Bebe Rexha was in an empty Paris restaurant at 2:00 AM and decided to use the opportunity to break out in song.

The singer is seen in a sexy, plunging corset with mascara smeared on her face as she begins belting out her hit, “Last Hurrah.”

Rexha then takes the night up a notch, jumping on top of the piano and rolling around while making eye contact with the camera. She posted the whole thing on Instagram on Friday and it might be the sexiest impromptu music video we’ve sever seen.

“Ummmm. This was me at 2 am in Paris. No words,” she wrote.

Fans are eating this up, calling her Paris dance a total mood!

“Holy freaking sh*t gurl,” one fan wrote. “If this piano version is literally going to be a thing, i’m up for it,” and “OMG A F*CKING MOOD AND A SLAY,” commented two others.

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