Bebe Rexha Bikini look

Bebe Rexha is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. She was born on August 30, 1989, in Brooklyn, New York. Rexha began her music career as a songwriter, penning songs for artists such as Eminem, Selena Gomez, and Nick Jonas.

In 2015, Rexha released her first solo single, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” which gained her some attention. However, it was her collaboration with G-Eazy on the hit single “Me, Myself & I” that propelled her into the mainstream spotlight.

Since then, Rexha has released several successful solo singles, including “I Got You,” “The Way I Are (Dance with Somebody),” and “Last Hurrah.” She has also collaborated with numerous other artists, including Florida Georgia Line on the hit country-pop crossover “Meant to Be,” which spent a record-breaking 50 weeks atop the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Rexha’s music is often described as pop, but it incorporates elements of hip-hop, rock, and country. She is also known for her powerful voice and her ability to write songs that are both catchy and emotional.

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