Angelina Jolie’s hot look goes viral

The image of the actress striding on the red carpet at the Annie Awards in Los Angeles made many people recall the moment when she showed off her legs at the 2012 Oscars.

In a silver dress, at the angle of the camera, Angelina Jolie cleverly showed off her long legs when present at the recent Annie Awards.

Unlike the moment when she was said to show her legs too “excessively” at the 2012 Oscars, this time Angelina made everyone look up to her.

She appeared at this year’s awards with a Best Animated Feature nomination for The Breadwinner.

Present at the event with Angelina were daughters Shiloh, 11, and Zahara, 13. Both were dressed in black when appearing with their mother.

Angelina appeared with daughters Shiloh, 11, and Zahara, 13.

Angelina put her daughter Shiloh on the shoulder.

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