Alexandra Daddario hot looks

Auditioned for the lead role in Netflix’s Jessica Jones.

Auditioned for the role of Helena Bertinelli/Huntress in Birds of Prey (2020). The role eventually went to Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Bought a house in Los Angeles, CA and lives a couple of streets away from her We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018) co-star, Taissa Farmiga.

Her parents are lawyers. Her father, Richard C. Daddario, was a federal prosecutor in New York City for 13 years before being named Head of the NYC Police Department’s Anti-terrorism Bureau (in 2010). Her mother is Christina Titus.].

Started acting in 2002 and has also worked in music departments. It happened in an episode of The Last Man on Earth (2015), but her very first experience was in Lie (2006), starring Alan Miller, featuring Miranda Cosgrove.

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